Behind this Blog

After working for a local ad company and learned a lot about network programming, I've been eager to develop my own blogging system for a long time.

The challenge is I want to build a simple as stupid system instead of complecated systems such as WordPress. Octopress insipred me a lot and finally I've decided to build this static blogging system of my own.

The software behind this blog is extremely simple - a customized markdown converter and a filesystem watcher.

The filesystem watcher will consistently check a source-controlled folder with inotify and update the post database. Since the directories are source-controlled, I can just write something and git push them to my VPS and then the blog will be updated automatically.

The customized markdown converter is used to generate the static HTML pages. The two libraries I used for the task are Misaka (Bilibili~) and BeautifulSoup 3.

Misaka is a python binding of libSundown, it provides interfaces for the users to customize the markdown renderer, which is a very important feature for me since I need to add some customized meta info to markdown for post titles etc.

BeautifulSoup is a python XML/HTML processing library, which is used for updating the content of the static HTML pages.

And finally, Disqus is used for user comments.

To do list:

  • Tags
  • Assets (Images etc)
  • UI Improvements

Update Log

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