iOS App Challenge 2014

Last week there was an iOS App Challenge hackaton happened at RIT. The prizes were good (Macbook Airs!) so I decided to make something for it. After hours of thinking without result I ended up with an idea of making an App to record and share ideas.

Even though I haven't touched iOS development for almost 3 years, the development process went pretty smooth. Most of things haven't been changed and the changed parts just make things much more easier. And Xcode only crashes 2-3 times a day now which is a huge improvement. Things such as CocoaPos also helps a lot in managing dependencies.

So last weekend is more like a chance for me to practice my Obj-C, django and designing skills without sleep. After 3 days of development I came up with a little app called IdeaBookX, which is a little app to generate, discover and record ideas. However when I was designing the APIs, no security was concerned when designing the APIs since there wasn't enough time.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Though I ended up not getting any of the prizes because there were better ideas / designed apps, it was a pretty interesting experience at the beginning of the semester.

And all the source-code for the app is available on Github.

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