GameMaster Studio is a small indie studio located in Shanghai, China founded by my friends. I joined the studio 4 years ago and I'm still working with them remotely.

Bakery Girl C#, Unity3D

BakeryGirl is a 2D SLG based on Unity3D that was released in 2013. The story is focused on the battlefield and the mystery around two girls.

BakeryGirl is our first PC game that got published by ourselves. We managed to got digital distribution working and we were also selling hard copies through China's biggest online market - Taobao.

The iOS version was planned to release in the end of 2013. However due to time constraints, the English translation was not finished and I was not able to finish the iOS port in time. So we are planning to release the iOS version later this year.

What I did
iOS port.

Shoot the Magic C++, Obj-C, lScript

Shoot the Magic is a PC and iOS bullet-hell (shoot'em'all) and visual novel game. It was original developed for the 10min game challenge hosted by doujingames.cn. Later I ported it to the iOS and released on the AppStore. Though now its out-of-date and not available on the AppStore anymore.

During the development, I implemented a custom C-like scripting language called lScript. It works well at that time but looking back, there were lots of design flaws in that language and I'm planning to dig it out when there is enough time to play with it.

Its the my second iOS app that have been published on the AppStore. The intial price was 2.99$ and then it went free. On the day it went free, we got around 20000 downloads, which suprised me a lot. That's also the reason why we decide later iOS apps should be free and rely on additional content to get the money.

What I did
Everything except art.

Sumreen C++, Obj-C

Sumreen is a Chinese visual novel released in 2010 on both PC and iOS.

This is my first iOS app that have been published on the AppStore. It was free and since there were not many Chinese visual novel games on the AppStore at that time, we received many applauses.

What I did
iOS port.