IGM Virtual Tour HTML, Javascript

Virtual Tour

A website for propective students and parents to have a virtual tour around the School of Interactive Games and Media.

IdeaBookX Objective-C

IdeaBookX is a utility tool developed for the iOS App Challenge @ RIT 2014 in 3 days. Its aims the users in the creative industry to record and share ideas based on geo-locations.

Though I ended up not getting any of the prizes, it was a chance for me to review my design & development skills. Designing and implementing an almost finished iOS App and server components in three days is very fun experience at the beginning of the semester. All the source-code for the app is available on Github.

CIBrowser Obj-C, Cocoa

Simple image browser and manager based on Cocoa. I developed this because there's no simple image browser on Mac that can satisfy myself and support archieves.

It support compressed archives and also able to archive images to collection to save disk space. And also support multiple tabs / windows so that multiple folders/archieves can be browsed at the same time.