Project Legion C++, Obj-C

A cross-platform 3D game framework and some related tools maintained by myself. There are 6 major modules: Base, Graphics, Audio, Networking, Physics and CoreApp.

Currently the framework works on (Not all modules working on all platforms):
  • Windows with DirectX 11 / OpenGL 3+
  • OS X with OpenGL 3+
  • iOS with OpenGL ES 2
  • PSVita with GXM
  • PS4 with GNM & GNMX
As part of the design is inherited from my older code, there's also limited support for PS3 with PSGL/libGCM.

GacLib OSX C++, Obj-C

GacLib is a GPU accelerated user interface library built with C++. The repo for the OSX port can be found on Github.

UKN & Mist C++, Obj-C

A cross-platform 3D game framework experiment. Right now its able to run on Windows, Mac OS X and PS3 (partially).

The target of this project is to provide a playground for myself and other projects. Till now, there're three renderer plugin prototypes based on DirectX 11, OpenGL 2.x+ and PSGL/libGCM.

I started this project to learn about deferred shading. Later in 2013 I got a chance to play with a PS3 dev-kit as part of my Graduate Assitant job, so I ported this framework to PS3 for fun and made several demos for a class.

Hoshizora C++, Obj-C

A Cross-Platform 2D Game Engine.
Works on Windows with DirectX 9, Mac OS X & Linux with OpenGL 2.x+, iOS with OpenGLES 1/2.

The engine is powering some games and game development tools developed by GameMaster Studio and me. Such as Diva Online and Diva Online Map Editor.

DanmakuX C#, Unity3D

DanmakuX is a danmaku middleware for Unity3D. The purpose of it is to provide a system that's easy to intergrate with games, and a editor to editor danmakus Visually and Parametrically.

For detail please visit DanmakuX page. Click to see the demos

Arduino Robo-car Arduino, C++, Obj-C, C#

This simple Arduino Robo-car was made in 2012 when I was in a Embedded Systems class and playing with embedded programming and electronic circuits.

Initially it has some path finding functionalities, and later I decided to make a remote controll app for it with my iPhone and RN42 btstack.

The iPhone remote controll app was a modification of the nixBot project. Since iOS does not allow me to use the original bluetooth for communications, I have to jailbreak it and install btstack. Source Code.

Project Genso C#, Awesomium

Genso is a experimental text editor, IDE and Html5 Game Engine inspired by Bret Victor - Inventing on Principles

The editor can visualize HTML, Markdown and Hoshizora Html5 while the user is editing the code. There are build-in tools such as ColorPicker, ValueSlider and AssetManagement. Plugin is also supported in the editor, and once I developed a remote control plugin for my little Arduino car.

Sora Animation Editor C#, XNA

2D bone and frame-by-frame animation editor based on XNA Game Studio.
Animation is stored in a simple XML format and can be easily used by any game frameworks / engines.

It supports a variety of exporting methods, including exporting retina and non-retina assets for iOS devices.

Sora Particle Editor C++, Hoshizora

Simple but powerful particle editor based on Hoshizora.

The editors stores the particle info in a simple binary format and can be easily integrated into other game frameworks / engines.